21 Ekim 2009 Çarşamba

Are you talking about the past is-King Shoes'nun Prada?

We have our 12 years of brand history. Prada Sneakers export our brand was our first king. Then the request comes from the domestic market in the domestic market have also begun to be recognized. Abroad, constitute 20 percent of our production. Footwear brands in the world of interest to the UK We are exporting our own brand name. Britain's biggest chain stores are sold products.

Unlike other Prada shoes manufacturer-King Paolo what is promised?

We started with men's shoes footwear during the initial setup. 7 years ago, 'air-conditioned shoes' in the air circulation with the slogan, which has been testing and doctor at the university, we have designed a product Recommended. Innovation is not easy to make shoes. Consumers to accept it more difficult. This product's production lines to make the system even for the serious effort to have given up. For this, we have made significant investments. Despite this interest did not see at first. Broken, but we believe we have a little enthusiasm. We collaborate with Fatih University. 30 people have made attempts by wear. We have received the opinion of the consumer. We constantly innovate our products are serious countenance.

-What are the characteristics of air-conditioned shoes?

Air-conditioned in the process of shoe-related foot health, fashion has expanded our knowledge too. Chills and sweating on the foot, we learned that lack of moisture thrown out. Our products do not moisturize your feet with our air sirkülâsyonu and therefore does not get cold in winter. Air-conditioned shoes, that does not sweat the summer, cold in winter that does not have shoes. The essence of business, ventilation of the foot and the materials used in footwear and foot structure sirkülâsyonu the weather is suitable. Diabetic wounds in the feet due to moisture and perspiration occurs. These bags are difficult to treat. This is on top of and compliance with the bow shoes were produced.

-Do only males produce shoes?

Four years also produce women's shoes. Produced specifically for pregnant women shoes. The most important issue, pregnant swollen feet and footwear is causing distress within. Foot inflatable products have developed against women can stretch. Problems with feet and shoes of people to detect their complaints and needs, oversee the production we do. We're constantly collecting data. 4 thousand 500 people have collected data on the shoes, 400 people have made measurements of the foot. Our database has occurred. R & D team is developing the data on the product.

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