19 Ekim 2009 Pazartesi

Shoes And prada Numberone

This is a brand Prada Sneakers however tight the company's "gender policy" was not otherwise create a customer base ..

"I think a woman inside of me .." and how brave you have also became emotional, his eyes Prada 'has been ignored from another brand ..

Where they see a Prada store will flock there ..

If three piece goods area "masculinity certificate" as provided is hopeful of shopping ..

Women, young girls' feet with shoes from Prada flowing on a brave and they shove each other, thus are made to chuckle ..

Everyone knows ..

In Vienna, I saw that the only liberal friends do not know ..


Would not believe on ..

Hani in Istanbul one without rhyme or reason "Hurriyet" I saw them .. blah blah ten feet there was the Prada shoes .. " Although the issue makes the honor, I would have shot wound to the shelter of the island ..

Pis would dive ..

After all, the sister company .. Man's blood touches such slander ..

In fact, our ears some Mutawatir had come, had not convinced .. "Hurriyet 'in Prada shoes assistance made to the author .." I ..

Man friend .. Allah Allah!

No unions, no I do not know what and where fashion the middle .. Why do bosses get help authors Prada Sneakers?

Then came another Mutawatir ..

"They give us those Prada shoes .." was said .. Also did not believe him ..

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